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Olympic auto premier

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Our team at Olympic Auto Premier in Seattle, Washington is dedicated to making your vehicle look just like it did when it came off the car lot. We are highly experienced and trained technicians who are here to make your ride look brand new. Having a clean interior in your car is not only great for passengers, it can truly help the way you feel. Less clutter and a clean space is one of the greatest ways to feel mentally fresh. 

Interior Car Detailing Seattle WA

If you have pets or small children, it’s more than likely that the interior of your car may be in need of a touch up. Allow us to take something off your plate by cleaning up the inside of your car, making it look good as new! No matter what type of interior upholstery your vehicle has, we’re prepared and excited to get it looking squeaky clean. We are able to shampoo carpets, eliminate or reduce the appearance of stains, and flush out any mold that is growing. Trust us, you’ll love that fresh car scent.

Auto Carpet Shampooing Seattle

Spill some coffee awhile back and still can smell it? Maybe someone dropped an ice cream cone, or brought muddy boots inside the car? We’ve been there, and there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a cars interior looking fresh and new again. We are able to remove and brighten up the appearance of the inside of your car with our wide range of cleaning products and tools. Some things in life are best left to the professionals. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today – we are excited to serve you!

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