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Having a ceramic coat installation on your vehicle is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle. Not only does the ceramic coating provide a glossy, fresh look to your ride, it protects your car against the harsh weather conditions of Seattle. If you buy a brand new car in Seattle or King County, you might expect that the finish would be in perfect condition. However even new cars at a dealership may have sat outside for extended lengths of time while in transit to the dealership, or if they don’t have an interior showroom. While they may have done a basic detail before selling you the vehicle, there may still be more to do to get the finish to “pop” the way a new car should, and we can help protect that brilliant finish with our ceramic coating services. We use the best ceramic coat products and have experts on staff who can make sure that the coating is applied perfectly for maximum protection, and if the finish is in need of repair or improvement we can do paint correction and clay bar services to get the finish where it needs to be first. No matter what, we’ll make sure your new investment is as beautiful as it should be and will stay that way!

Ceramic Coating Installation Seattle

Meanwhile we are also happy to provide ceramic coating for older vehicles. An excellent exterior detail can make even the most worn out car look like new! Maybe you’ve just finished work on your classic car that now needs a finish that matches the quality of its newly restored engine, or your commuter car needs some TLC to get the finish back to looking like new and then protected. We can expertly evaluate your car’s exterior to see what kind of paint correction, clay bar and other services will be helpful for getting the vehicle back to a more beautiful condition, and then perform those services and finish with ceramic coating to ensure that the newly repaired finish will stay in great shape for as long as possible. We also offer headlight restoration, engine bay detailing, and glass sealants to make sure that your headlights, engine and windows match the beautiful finish we give your car.

Car Coating Seattle

We would love to give you an estimate for ceramic coating services in Seattle. Our base cost is $250, but if you have a larger vehicle that cost may increase and we will always be transparent with you about pricing. We can also help recommend what additional services will be most helpful for your car if necessary, but we will never hit you with unexpected charges or recommend a service that is unnecessary. We strive to be the most trusted auto detailing, ceramic coating and paint correction service in Seattle and want to be the best option for everyone. Our veteran owned and locally based company is here to take care of you and be your one-stop detail shop!


1 Year Ceramic Coating


  • Prep wash and wheels cleaned
  • Ceramic coating applied to all painted panels

3 Year Ceramic Coating


  • 80% Paint Correction
  • Ceramic coating applied to all painted panels and plastics
  • 3 year in house warranty

6 Year Ceramic Coating


  • 90% Paint Correction
  • Ceramic coating applied to all painted panels, plastics, windows, & wheel faces
  • 6 year product warranty bonded to VIN and reports to Carfax
  • 6 year in house warranty

9 Year Ceramic Coating


  • 95% Paint Correction
  • Ceramic coating applied to all painted panels, plastics, windows, outer face and inner barrel of wheel
  • 9 year product warranty bonded to VIN and reports to Carfax
  • 9 year in house warranty

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  • Prices subject to change depending on the condition of the vehicle.
  • Price determined upon final inspection and time used to complete the job.

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